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Welcome to Impressive Content, a service for authors, marketers, and institutions.

With more than twenty years of editing and writing experience in the newspaper and higher education worlds, I am here to provide you with effective, speedy support for sundry content needs.

For many years I worked for the Los Angeles Times and played an active role in the annual Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. My current profession finds me at the heart of a classic, prestigious cluster of colleges and graduate schools in Southern California. (You can find some of my past work by Googling me.)

I will bring my deadline sensibility, trained ear, and editing/writing skills to your project, whether you are an author in need of help or a company/institution with specific content needs.

Let’s get started!

All best,

- Nick Owchar, Founder of Impressive Content


I have extensive experience as an editor, writer, and communications specialist with these major institutions and companies.


Press & Accolades

Usually, editing and content writing are behind-the-scenes activities. Here is a sampling of press and accolades.

"My gratitude goes to Nick Owchar, the deputy book editor for the Los Angeles Times. Nick, my chapter on the arts wouldn't have been possible without you."

--David Kessler, author of Visions, Trips, and Crowded Rooms

"Nick is one of the most effective editors I've ever worked with, able to juggle competing duties and personalities with a kind yet firm hand. He is also a graceful writer whose reviews communicate the passion he has for books and writers."

--Kristina Lindgren, former city editor of the LA Times (Orange County edition)

"Monday paid a visit to Nick Owchar. When you see review upon review of half-arsed, poorly-researched scribbles from idiot journalists about pulp writers, a guy like Nick is a sight for sore eyes. Even if he did go for Moorcock that one time."

--The Blog That Time Forgot

"I wrote a number of book reviews at the LA Times when Nick was editing there. He as well as his team of editors were great to work with. The entire team was always easy to communicate with, concise, and helped me to get the best possible work to them in the most efficient way possible."

--Jim Rossi, LinkedIn Top Voice & author of The Clean-Tech Con Artist



Nick Owchar, Founder
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