Show us your shelves! Plus: Coming soon and Iain Banks

SHOW US YOUR SHELVES: A picture's worth a thousand words, and a bookshelf is probably worth even more. That's why Jilanne Hoffmann's blog and mine will be featuring  pics of our bookshelves this Saturday for your viewing pleasure. Think of it as the WordPress version of a Marvel team-up: And you're invited to join us! When you see our posts this weekend, drop a comment that will direct us to your own bookshelves. We want to spend some time as virtual loiterers in your library. What's the reason for doing this? Simple. When you go to a party at someone's house, aren't you tempted to spy what books are on their shelves? It's a hard temptation to fight. Look, even the Madonna seems a little distracted by the bookshelf in this painting:

"The Annunciation," Sebastiano Mainardi, late 15th century

COMING SOON: More from translator Andrew Frisardi about the nuts and bolts of translating Dante's "Vita Nova." Part 1 of the interview ran earlier this week; Part 2 is slated to appear ... tomorrow.

IAIN BANKS: There's nothing for me to say. It's all been said already. Earlier this week, brilliant novelist Iain Banks died mere months after announcing that he had terminal gall bladder cancer. Even though we knew it was coming, it was still a shock. It always is. Ken MacLeod offered a nice tribute in the pages of The Guardian to the singular Banks. Ave atque vale.