Books, books, books: It's time to show us your shelves!

A few of my favorite things: But watch out for the gargoyle... So what's on your bookshelves? Jilanne Hoffmann and I would like to know. What you see (above) is a corner of my decent collection -- decent, but definitely not crazy. I followed a strict diet a few years ago and passed along multiple boxes of books to a very grateful local library.

photo(4)I know, this post is supposed to be about pictures, not words, but forgive me for adding just a small bit of commentary. See those three large volumes, the ones in brown and blue? They're from the Nonesuch Dickens Collection, and they reproduce Dickens' novels in the exact format, with illustrations, that Ole' Boz saw in his lifetime. There's also a signed reader's galley of "The Unknown Terrorist" by the wonderful Tasmanian novelist, Richard Flanagan. And, what bookshelf wouldn't be complete without a gargoyle? He's on guard, night and day, to protect my collection from browsers who want to become borrowers! (If any other titles intrigue you, let me know and I'll give you more information than you wanted.)

So, just to repeat, what's on your shelves? Drop Jilanne a note at her blog, or leave one for us in the comments field and send us to your page for a look!

The Dogpatch Writers Collective is already on board. We hope you'll join us, too!